Live Football Betting

Get even more out of an exciting game of football with live betting. Be part of the action while it’s still going on. Bet on winners, goals, cards and many more match events and get competitive odds. So if you fancy your chances after the game has already begun you can still get your bets in. Are you ready to play?

All the best leagues in the world

Betfinal offers you live bets from all the best leagues in the world like the Premier League, La Liga and the Bundesliga and of course all the major tournaments. Bet on games of your favourite teams and players or expand your horizon and bet on leagues you have never heard of. Take a look at the fixtures to see which games are currently being played.

The best odds

At the start of the game the odds will be the similar to the pre-match bets, but as soon as the game progresses the odds change. And then it becomes a matter of timing, do you know exactly when to place your bets at the right time? Because the game changes continuously the odds can raise far above the pre-match odds, meaning you can earn a bigger payout in the end.

Cash out

Having second thoughts on your live bet? Or do you think the match will change drastically in the next few minutes? Then there might be a way out by using the cash out option. This option can be activated while your prediction is still right but can also be used sometimes if the odds aren’t in your favour. For instance: with a 0-0 score in the 10th minute you predict a win for the home team, but after 60 minutes the score is 1-1. At that time there is still a chance to win the bet, but the odds will be much lower compared to the moment your team is ahead.

Live streaming and live stats

Betfinal offers you everything that’s needed for the ultimate live betting experience including live streaming and live stats so you won’t miss a thing. The live streaming is available for selected competitions and events. The best thing about watching the game as it unfolds is that you’re even more invested in the outcome.

Our fast settlements

One of the big advantages of live betting at Betfinal is the fast settlement of your winnings. They will directly be added to your wallet after which you can decide to play on with the proceeds or withdraw it to your bank account. You can even place a new bet on the same game if you’ve chosen to cash out early.

What is live betting?

Live betting, or in-play betting grants you the opportunity to place bets during matches. So if you have a certain feeling during a game because a striker is playing better than ever or the goalkeeper looks a bit shaky you can quickly bet on the outcome you expect. This way you can base your prediction on the actual game instead of predicting beforehand.